Frequently Asked Questions

Optimus Capital Management (Private) Limited is Pakistan’s leading stock brokerage and financial advisory company. Our unfaltering commitment to core principles of integrity, diligence and client-first has helped us build a strong track record and a distinguished client base comprising domestic institutional investors, foreign institutional investors, large business groups and high-net-worth individuals. We manage risks extremely diligently and are highly vigilant in monitoring clients’ positions and always take pre-emptive actions to protect the interests of our clients. Our impeccable track record with our clients and the regulator is a testament to this assertion.

Any individual person (either singly or jointly) or corporate entity having verifiable source of income can open a brokerage account. Minor’s can also open brokerage account through their guardian.

Client’s securities held with broker are kept at separate CDC account maintained by broker on behalf of its clients. As the CDC sub accounts at CDC (Central Depository Company) are maintained by the brokers on behalf of its clients (investors), therefore the clients (investors) cannot operate this account directly. However, information about securities lying in its sub account can be attained through broker or directly from CDC. Securities available in the sub account are the property of the account holder/investor.

All new Sub-Accounts shall only be opened based on the complete and correct information obtained from the investor as per the Customer Relationship Form (CRF).

To open an account with Optimus, you just need to fill our Customer Relationship Form (CRF) and Know Your Customer (KYC) Form and submit it along with relevant documents at our head office. You can fill our form by downloading it from our website. After due verification and necessary formalities including client’s Biometric verification (Only for resident Pakistani individual account holders) your account would be opened within 3 working days of your account opening request.

Please note that NCCPL which also acts as Centralized Know Your Customer Organization (CKO) will verify client’s particulars and documents within 15 days of account opening date to issue / tag client’s Unique KYC Number (UKN). In case of any discrepancy or further information / documents, further 10 days will be provided to remove that discrepancy. In case of corporate account, NCCPL shall also send an independent confirmation to client who shall acknowledge the same regarding the Issuance of UKN within 15 days of the date of confirmation. If the discrepancy was not removed or client’s provided particulars / information were not verifiable to the satisfaction of NCCPL, client’s account may be blocked by NCCPL.

No, at Optimus Capital there is no limit for account opening.

Yes! You can open your account with shares.

Safe guarding of client’s assets (i.e cash and securities) is our top most priority. We handle client assets diligently.

To ensure safe custody of client’s cash balances, we always place client balances in separate bank accounts marked as “Client Account” which are kept segregated from other bank accounts at all times. Client’s securities are placed in his CDC sub account maintained with broker and any movement of securities from his sub account are timely communicated to client through sms/email by CDC.

Client can check and withdraw his cash and/or shares at any time. Confirmation of any transaction in client account is send to client on the same day. We also generate account statement to client on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

Risk is always a part of any investment. One of the main risks involved by investing in stock market is the risk of changes in the value of financial product in any direction. High volatility generally means that the values of securities/contracts can undergo upswings and/or downswings during a short period.

A better attitude would be to limit and manage your risk. It is mandatory for all the investors to read and sign Risk Disclosure document before opening an account with broker.

You can place transaction order of buy or sell, either in person by visiting our office or over the internet or telephone.

You can call our Sales desk. Equity Sales Department number is +92 21 35296960

Online trade terminal is a software based Internet share/stock trading service. A Trading Terminal account provides a 24-hours connection to access to your account balances and portfolio, holdings, statements and stock quotes.

Whenever you will place an order through online trading system, the message board view window shows the time and details of the order placement, cancellation and execution. The Margin window also shows the status of order placement through pending order, updating of custody balance in case of execution and cash balance accordingly. You can also view the details of outstanding orders as well as executed transaction through your terminal.

a) Client place transaction order (to buy/sell shares) to Optimus.

b) After having client transaction order, Optimus will execute client’s transaction as per his instructions. Optimus will draw up contract notes, which typically are sent to client’s address or his email address within next 24 hours. This will show details of the transaction carried out on client’s behalf.

c) Settlement of shares transacted and their related payments are based on a two-day settlement system called T+2 system, under which transactions are due for settlement 2 working days after trade.

d) At settlement day, client’s transaction is settled and share transacted are moved from /to client Central Depository Company (CDC) account electronically. At this stage client transaction is completed.

Yes, you may cancel your outstanding order by calling our sales desk. Equity Sales Department number is +92 21 35296960. Our representative will cancel order on your request.

In return of brokerage services, broker charge commission on transactions executed on behalf of client. Minimum commission allowed to be charged by brokers shall be 3 Paisa per share or 0.15% of transaction value, whichever is higher, while the maximum rate will be 2.5% of transaction value.

No, at Optimus we do not transact in cash.

You can call at our equity sales department at +92 21 35296960 or can email at